Booysens Beertjies Nursery School

UMMA AFRIKA Charity Trust has been involved with the Booysens Beertjies Nursery School, which was established in 2001, for the past 8 years.

This Nursery School is in Booysens , a suburb on the Western side of Pretoria, where  poverty  and substance abuse is at the order of the day. Housing is also a very big problem in this area.

Booysens Beertjies is a registered non-profit organisation who’s constitution states that no child will be denied schooling if they cannot afford to pay school fees.

 80 pre-school children, between the ages of two and five years  attends this Nursery School free of charge as their parents have no form of income and cannot afford to pay school fees.

To most of these children, the food that they get at school is their only food for the day.

Although the school sends food parcels home before  School Holidays, this still seem to be a big challenge to these kids, as they get weighed before the School Holidays, and most of them come back to school after the Holidays weighing less than before.

There are  Monday mornings when some of the children come to school and finish four bowls of porridge from being hungry over the weekend from having no food at home.

UMMA AFRIKA Charity Trust has been involved with this school as a donor to their needs, in the form of food, clothing and stationary.