House Of Peace Project

For our third Madiba Month 2022 project, Mahala Loyalty Programme donated 800 UMMA POT meals to the House of Peace project in Wolmer, Pretoria. House of Peace is a shelter for families with children, endorsing strong Christian family values with people who want to see change in their lives.

House of Peace houses 65 people of which many are children. All families are unemployed at this moment, but through a strong sense of community and creativity, the families pull together. They generate an income by selling pickled vegetables and food

Dream-Ability’s front-runner, Anita Ferarrais, is a fervent nurturer of this community. She addresses the individual needs of the families by applying and instilling core Christian values. UMMA AFRIKA reached out to House of Peace to provide warm hearty UMMA POT meals sponsored by Mahala Loyalty Programme to help the community during a very cold winter.