House Of Peace

UMMA AFRIKA Charity Trust have been involved with House of Peace for the past 6 years.

House of Peace is an informal settlement in Wolmer, on the Northern side of Pretoria where 80 adults and 14 children lives in Wendy Huts and Caravans, sharing one bathroom and a communal kitchen.

The Vision for House of Peace is to create a transitional welfare shelter and safe haven where beneficiaries can be encouraged, restored, motivated, and be self-sufficient and empowered to provide for their families. Their ultimate aspiration is to establish an independent Kibbutz or collective community based on agricultural and technical economical activities.

House of Peace seeks to provide support to those in financial need offering accommodation, food, companionship, spiritual and emotional support, skills development, education for children, and assistance in finding employment.

House of Peace survives solely on donations and UMMA AFRIKA Charity Trust has been involved with this organisation as a donor to their needs in the form of food , clothing , bedding, stationary for the school children, medical help to residents and also christmas presents over Christmas.