Varios Squatter Camp Feeding Projects

UMMA AFRIKA Charity Trust has been involved with Feeding Projects at various Squatter Camps on the outskirts of Pretoria and Krugersdorp for the past eight years.

These Feeding Projects started off at the Munsieville, Pongokamp, Squatter Camp , which originated on the Rubbish dump outside Krugersdorp, where Homeless people would go to scratch for clothing and something to eat, but later on set up camp, as the walking to and from there to the centre of Krugersdorp where they would normally beg for daily needs became too much.

During our first visit there , we established that the need for food was extremely high and various food, clothing, bedding , school needs and Christmas  gift projects grew out of this first visit and expanded to other Squatter Camps in the area , as well as around the Pretoria Area.

These Squatter Camps sadly grow on a daily basis as more and more people looses first their jobs and later on, their homes and everything they own in order to stay alive. The saddest part about this is the children that gets pulled into the vicious circle of Squatter Camp living and the challenges that goes with it.